Keith Casey

Keith Casey has been a developer for over a decade and helps organize various tech communities. Previously, he was a professional agitator within the Washington, DC until he decided to explore Austin, TX in 2010. To pay the bills, he works as a Developer Evangelist for Twilio to get good tools to good developers so they can build great things. Previously, he built large-scale PHP-based systems for organizations ranging from major news companies to small non-profits. In his spare time, he is a core contributor to web2project, works to build and support the Austin PHP community, co-founded the HubAustin coworking space in South Austin communities, blogs regularly at and is completely fascinated by monkeys.

Articles by this author

Learning to be Flexible


by · May 25, 2010


Last year in the thick of web2project development, we realized something obvious: The vast majority of people don’t need the full system, they just need a way to see their just their information in a useful way. Towards that goal, we started shopping around for options to simplify and an Adobe AIR app quickly became a leading candidate. Fast forward a few months and I finally had the time to try out Flash Builder 4.


Facebook Invades DCPHP


by · May 4, 2010


This past week, the DCPHP Developers’ Community had the privilege of hosting Scott MacVicar from Facebook. His title is “Open Source Developer Advocate” which puts him in the odd position of making good things happen within Facebook, representing them to the community, and convincing the community to get involved. Towards that goal, this presentation was […]


Less Code isn't Always Better


by · April 29, 2010


Everyone says “I could build that in an afternoon/weekend/marathon session of caffeine-fueled code-debauchery” but to actually do something well, unsurprisingly, it usually takes longer. Blue Parabola’s own Keith Casey takes a look at a forum built in only 964 bytes.