Training by php[architect]

We offer a number of training courses here at php[architect]. All of these courses are offered as live online, instructor-led, courses with small class sizes so that all students get plenty of personal attention during their course. You can sign up for our courses below, or purchase bulk packs of training credits for your company.

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PHP Series

Jump Start PHP $250 (or 1 Training Credit)

Just starting in PHP? Don’t have time for our full PHP Essentials course? This course will quickly give you a crash course and cover the base knowledge you need to start your PHP development journey.


PHP Essentials $750 (or 3 Training Credits)

Designed for developers who are just approaching PHP for the first time, our introductory PHP course teaches the basics of good PHP programming practices from the ground up.


Advanced PHP Development $1,000 (or 4 Training Credits)

Gain the knowledge of advanced PHP techniques utilizing the latest features in PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5. Learn advanced object oriented design, SPL, XML/JSON, Regular Expressions, and performance & caching techniques to bring your PHP to the next level.


Zend Framework 1 Essentials $750 (or 3 Training Credits)

Zend Framework is one of the most popular PHP frameworks, and being knowledgeable in its development is an important skill for all developers. Our Essential ZF course covers everything you need to hit the ground running with Zend Framework 1.


WordPress Series

WordPress Administration $250 (or 1 Training Credit)

Are you planning on running a WordPress installation (or have inherited one?) This course will teach you all that you need to know about configuring and maintaining a WordPress site, plus a little bit of design. (No programming knowledge needed)


Developing on WordPress $500 (or 2 Training Credits)

WordPress powers approximately 25% of the world’s websites, and so as a PHP developer you owe it to yourself to understand how to develop in it. Learn how to use WordPress as a Web Application Framework, as well as how to develop custom themes, widgets, and plugins.


Drupal Series

Developing on Drupal $750 (or 3 Training Credits)

Drupal is one of the biggest application frameworks, powering some of the biggest websites, and has specifically taken hold of the government and non-profit space. If you know enough PHP but aren’t yet experienced in Drupal, this course is perfect for you, and will leave you ready to start extending and building upon Drupal for your website development needs.


PHP Foundations for Drupal 8 $250 (or 1 Training Credit)

Are you already an experienced Drupal developer but only feel you’ve grasped the basics of PHP? The Drupal community is embracing improvements and best practices from the wider PHP ecosystem. If you work with Drupal, you’ll want to be prepared! PHP Foundations for Drupal 8 will guide you through modern practices for programming with PHP, focusing on what you’ll need to work with Drupal 8.


Web Technology Series

Web Security $500 (or 2 Training Credits)

There are numerous attack vectors used today to attempt to get at your user’s private data, and you need to know how to detect and defend against them. This talk covers the top web vulnerabilities and how to fix them in PHP.


MySQL Essentials $750 (or 3 Training Credits)

MySQL is the most common database used today for PHP deployments. This course will provide deep insight into MySQL’s powerful features, and how to use them effectively in your web application.


AJAX Programming with PHP and jQuery $1,000 (or 4 Training Credits)

Rich Internet Applications are today’s Websites. Learn how you can harness the power of today’s browsers to create a rich online experience that goes beyond HTML pages into AJAX, jQuery, and Web services.


Mobile HTML5, JavaScript and PHP $1,000 (or 4 Training Credits)

Mobile is the future of Web development, and that future is today. Hone your skills and learn how you can use HTML5, jQuery Mobile, REST, and PHP to create engaging Websites, and even native apps, easily and efficiently.


SugarCRM Series

SugarCRM PHP Essentials $750 (or 3 Training Credits)

This course provides a basic introduction to PHP for developers who want to familiarize themselves with PHP before embarking into learning how to develop with SugarCRM’s internal APIs and structures.


SugarCRM 7 Basics $1,000 (or 4 Training Credits)

The SugarCRM Developer Basics course covers the basics of SugarCRM development and customization with a gentle introduction that focuses on core concepts and techniques.


SugarCRM Developer Advanced $1,750 (or 7 Training Credits)

The SugarCRM Developer Advanced course builds on SugarCRM Developer Basics with an in-depth examination of how SugarCRM can be extended. A number of practical scenarios are covered, including custom modules and REST Web services.


Training Credit Bulk Packs

For companies who are looking to send multiple people through our online training or for individuals who wish to take a series classes as their programming knowledge progresses PHP. We offer these discounted bulk packs of training credits. After purchasing these packs of credits, you will be able to use them to register yourself for multiple classes, or distribute them between your company’s employees.