Oscar Merida

Oscar still remembers downloading an early version of the Apache HTTP server at the end of 1995, and promptly asking "Ok, what's this good for?" He started learning PHP in 2000 and hasn't stopped since. He's worked with Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, and bespoke PHP, to name a few. Follow him on Google+.

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Security Update: Heartbleed Vulnerability


by · April 9, 2014


By now you have heard about the Heartbleed vulnerability that exists in recent versions of OpenSSL – the technology used to protect web and other network connections from prying eyes. You can read up on details of this vulnerability at http://heartbleed.com We at php[architect] consider our customer’s security of utmost importance. We’ve verified our systems to […]


Still running an old version of PHP?


by · March 20, 2014


An article posted today on arstechnica.com today looks at a well-known and fixed vulnerability in PHP that is still being used to hijack sites. If you are using version 5.3 its long past time to upgrade. Read up on how to get ready.


March 2014 php[architect] Magazine Released – The New PHP


by · March 14, 2014


Our March issue is out, and it will send you soaring to new heights. PHP is getting better all the time, and we’ll show you what you need to know to be prepared. Getting ready to upgrade to 5.5? Dirk gives you a tour of what’s new and how to use it to full effect. […]


Get an orange elePHPant


by · January 16, 2014


Ready to add, or start, your collection of elePHPants? We started a KickStarter campaign to produce a run of Orange elephants. Kickstarter backers, can get the ElePHPant in 2 sizes! The standard ‘small’ which measures around 6″ x 5 x 8″ and a very rare ‘large’ elePHPant which measures approximately 14″ x 12″ x 20″. […]


A Simplified World Cup Draw Generator


by · December 3, 2013


If you’re a football fan, like I am, your anticipation for next year’s World Cup in Brazil is growing. This Friday, we will know the groupings for the 32 teams that will participate in the finals. I put together the (simplified) simulator shown in the gist below. Using PHP’s shuffle() function and SPL iterators, we […]


Switch Drupal Views Output in Code


by · November 1, 2013


I was working on a page that had a sidebar block showing a list of content with the same topic as the main page. In Drupal terms, the sidebar block shared the taxonomy term. It’s pretty easy to create such a block using Views by adding a contextual filter that gets its value from the […]


Returning to Print!


by · October 16, 2013


We are extremely excited today to announce that starting with the November 2013 issue, that php[architect] will once again be printed!


Introduction to PHP


by · September 11, 2013


Last night, Sandy and I presented a short introduction to PHP for DCWebWomen. Our presentation covered the growth of the language over the last decade and introduced the audience to basic language concepts like variable types, arrays, and control structures. The audience had excellent questions and feedback throughout the talk. We were pleased to share […]


php[architect] Magazine August 2013 – Managing Dependencies


by · August 22, 2013


The August issue of the magazine focuses on helping you manage dependencies. In any project beyond a trivial size, your code base can include not just the code you write, but also legacy code and community-developed solutions. The introduction of Composer and Packagist.org have pushed the PHP ecosystem to mature in terms of managing code […]


Book sweepstakes “Mastering the SPL Library”


by · August 9, 2013


Enter today for a chance to win our latest book! Ten winners will receive print and digital editions of Mastering the SPL Library. Read more to learn how enter.