January 2014 php[architect] Magazine Released


by · January 23, 2014


The first issue of 2014 is now available. Our January issue aims to give you some tips and tricks to make your development life easier: Straight-forward ways improve your developer skills Thoughts on commenting code from two great developers Get the CLI working for you with console apps and ZF2 Learn which common OOP misconceptions […]


php[tek] 2014 Schedule is Posted


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We’ve just announced the speaker lineup for php[tek] 2014.  Head over a take a look at the schedule to see all the great topics that will be covered this year. Don’t forget to register early, the Early Bird specials run out on February 15th!


Get an orange elePHPant


by · January 16, 2014


Ready to add, or start, your collection of elePHPants? We started a KickStarter campaign to produce a run of Orange elephants. Kickstarter backers, can get the ElePHPant in 2 sizes! The standard ‘small’ which measures around 6″ x 5 x 8″ and a very rare ‘large’ elePHPant which measures approximately 14″ x 12″ x 20″. […]


December 2013 php[architect] Magazine Released


by · December 18, 2013


The last issue of 2013 is now available. Our December issue aims to give you some tips and tricks to make your development life easier: Need to harness the power of Git for your team? We have not one, but two articles with some awesome tricks to make collaboration and testing much easier. Need to […]


A Simplified World Cup Draw Generator


by · December 3, 2013


If you’re a football fan, like I am, your anticipation for next year’s World Cup in Brazil is growing. This Friday, we will know the groupings for the 32 teams that will participate in the finals. I put together the (simplified) simulator shown in the gist below. Using PHP’s shuffle() function and SPL iterators, we […]


Contrary to the Rumors, Print is Not Dead


by · November 18, 2013


As an avid php[architect] reader since 2005, I anticipated getting an issue in my mailbox. There’s a certain little thrill you get when a magazine you love appears in your mail. I had 4 years experiencing that thrill until October of 2009 when php|architect announced they were discontinuing print and carrying forward with “digital only”. […]


Switch Drupal Views Output in Code


by · November 1, 2013


I was working on a page that had a sidebar block showing a list of content with the same topic as the main page. In Drupal terms, the sidebar block shared the taxonomy term. It’s pretty easy to create such a block using Views by adding a contextual filter that gets its value from the […]


Returning to Print!


by · October 16, 2013


We are extremely excited today to announce that starting with the November 2013 issue, that php[architect] will once again be printed!


October 2013 php[architect] Magazine Released


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The last of our digital-only magazines is now available.  Our October issue hopefully has just a few good scares in it for you!  Including topics such as: Automating Resource Concatenation, Optimization, and Caching Zend Server: Not Just a PHP Stack PHP and Varnish: Getting the Best from Your Web Servers Varnish and ESI (Edge Side […]


Social Contest: Getting Our Azure On


by · October 8, 2013


As those of you at ZendCon may already know, Microsoft’s Windows Azure division is running a contest via social media. They even have a spiffy app showing entries and winners. (Sadly, you have to be present to win.) What you may not know is that the back end for that app is a PHP application […]