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Sean Coates is Coming to CodeWorks!

Posted by on August 25, 2009

Sean Coates has been developing Web applications professionally for over a decade, and is currently a Web Architect for OmniTI. In the past, he has worked in various
positions, from developing payment code that processed over one million dollars per day, to working as the editor-in-chief of php|architect magazine, and organizer of php|tek and php|works conferences. Sean has been a contributing member of the
PHP community, from working heavily on the PHP manual, to maintaining PEAR code, speaking on the topic of PHP, and contributing to open source projects, including (most recently) the Habari and Phergie projects.

Some little known facts about Sean:

  • Sean’s first computer was a Tandy Colour Computer III with Extended Colour Basic. He wrote a whole address book app at the ripe age of 10, complete with telephone line art and “realistic” ringing sounds that he tuned after dozens of calls to his buddy’s phone number so he could hear his phone ring.
  • Sean is an expert in all things beer-ish and has been known to be inundated with Twitter DMs for spur-of-the-moment beer advice. You have a question about beer? @coates is your man.
  • He strongly dislikes weddings. At his own wedding, he wore a custom tailored suit… with sandals. (He also dislikes socks.)

Sean will be giving a talk on Stupid Browser Tricks and another entitled Out with Regex, In with Tokens. You won’t want to miss these!

Marco is the keeper of keys and Chief Garbage Collector at Blue Parabola. He can be found on Twitter as @mtabini.
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