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CodeWorks Slides

by · March 28, 2012


This past December and January, the php|architect crew took to the air for our annual traveling roadshow called CodeWorks. This year, for the third year in a row, we hit the road and made stops all over the country – but mainly on the coasts – presenting things we’ve learned over the past year.Each stop introduced us to new friends and at each stop we learned from a local developer sharing what they knew.


CodeWorks East 2011 Recap

by · December 16, 2011


While it will still be a few days weeks until I’m finally recovered, I wanted to share a recap of CodeWorks East 2011 while it was still fresh. If you’re looking for the core presenters’ slides, attendees will receive them via email but they will not be published publicly until after the West Coast Tour […]


CodeWorks 2010 Slides

by · November 29, 2010


If you’ve been following along the last couple months, you know that a number of us were recently on the CodeWorks 2010 tour. In ten days we hit five cities and met user groups all over the place. All in all, it was a blast – we all have writeups coming – but you’re not here for our analysis.. you’re hear for our slides.


The CodeWorks 2010 early-bird extended to October 4th

by · October 1, 2010


By popular demand, we have extended the early-bird special for our upcoming CodeWorks tour until Monday, October 4th in order to give everybody an opportunity to sign up for one (or more!) of the tour stops for the low, low, low price of $75 (or even cheaper if you get in with groups of five […]


php|architect Podcast: 2009 in Revue

by · January 6, 2010


php|architect podcast Episode 2010-001. Sit with us as we look back at 2009 and what it meant to PHP.


php|architect Podcast: Skyrockets in Flight

by · October 5, 2009


Join Marco, Liz Naramore, Cal Evans and Josh Holes as they give you a taste of what it would sound like if all podcasts were recorded inside an airport.


Sean Coates is Coming to CodeWorks!

by · August 25, 2009


Sean Coates will be joining our CodeWorks Tour, and we are thrilled to have him on board! He will be sharing his expertise with our attendees in Atlanta, Miami, Washington, and New York. Glad to have you with us, Sean!


Welcome to Codeworks, Matthew Weier O'Phinney!

by · August 24, 2009


We are thrilled to announce that Matthew Weier O’Phinney will be joining us for CodeWorks! As the Zend Framework Project Lead, he brings his experience and expertise to the CW table. Matthew will be joining us for the second half of the conference (Atlanta, Miami, Washington and NYC.)


Last Day for CodeWorks 09 Early-early Bird Pricing

by · July 31, 2009


Your chance of taking part in the fall’s best conference series for as little as $99 ends tonight!


User Groups to Choose Local Speakers for CW

by · July 20, 2009


We know there are many people out there doing amazing things with PHP, and we want to hear from you! If you live in the local area in and around one of our seven cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, or New York City) here’s your chance to show your stuff.