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HipHop for PHP finally released

by · February 20, 2010


Facebook’s PHP-to-C++ transformer made waves when it was announced earlier this month. Now, an initial release is finally available for download and public consumption.


Announcing our support for Facebook's HipHop

by · February 2, 2010


Facebook’s HipHop is a game changing-technology for companies deploying large scale applications written in PHP.

Blue Parabola and php|architect are working on supporting HipHop with a series of new initiatives, ranging from content to consulting.


Functional Programming in PHP, 2nd Edition

by · October 26, 2016


Many languages have embraced Functional Programming paradigms to augment the tools available for programmers to solve problems. It facilitates writing code which is easier to understand, easier to test, and able to take advantage of parallelization. Functional Programming is a good fit for building modern, scalable solutions. Can you use functional programming in PHP? PHP […]


New: Open Source Software from php[architect]

by · April 1, 2014


If JavaScript can go to the back-end, why can’t PHP come to the front end? And, why can’t it take advantage of the advances in PHP’s performance to compete with the innovations in front-end JavaScript engines?


Facebook Invades DCPHP

by · May 4, 2010


This past week, the DCPHP Developers’ Community had the privilege of hosting Scott MacVicar from Facebook. His title is “Open Source Developer Advocate” which puts him in the odd position of making good things happen within Facebook, representing them to the community, and convincing the community to get involved. Towards that goal, this presentation was […]


TEK·X Webcast Series

Last modified February 25, 2010


php|architect and Microsoft are celebrating the upcoming TEK·X conference with the TEK·X webcast series. Like last year, we are opening up webcast attendance is absolutely free. We are excited this year in the lineup of speakers we have for the webcast series and hope you are excited enough about them to not only register but […]


XHP: Inline XML For PHP

by · February 10, 2010


Anyone developing with PHP quickly learns that PHP’s ability to generate HTML is both a blessing and a curse. While PHP supports the ability to generate dynamic websites and HTML, it often creates kludgy and difficult code. Facebook, one of the world’s largest consumers of PHP and fresh off their announcement of HipHop, has noted […]


Podcast #2010-02: Stalker Edition

by ·


It’s another episode of the php|architect podcast! This week, we’re chatting with Ben Ramsey, who joined Cal and Marco at Facebook’s headquarters to hear about their new open-source technologies.

The topic: HipHop—Facebook’s new PHP-to-C++ compiler that promises up to 50% CPU savings over the traditional PHP runtime and has stirred up a debate across the entire community.