Chris Hartjes

Chris Hartjes has been helping to build web sites of all shapes and sizes since 1998, mostly with PHP while focussing on helping developers develop the skills needed to write automated tests for their applications. He currently works as a web development consultant from his Fortress of Grumpitude deep in the snowy wilds of Canada


The Workshop: A Grumpy Programmer’s Introduction To NeoVim and PHP

By Chris Hartjes

Hello friends! You might know me from my years of shouting at PHP
developers to write tests for their code and my (hopefully) entertaining
talks at conferences. It probably will not surprise readers that I also
have some opinions about text editors and Integrated Development
Environments (IDEs). In this article, I want to discuss The One True New
Editor, NeoVim. by Chris Hartjes

Published in Getting TEKnical, April 2023