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Getting TEKnical

April 2023

When my twins were born in 1998, I was 28 and working in the water purification industry. Despite the manual labor, I enjoyed the science and math involved, made great friends, and had a stable job with great pay. I was not a professional developer.

My Journey into Domain-Driven Design

By Edward Barnard

Domain-Driven Design is a team sport. Here’s my story of what can and
cannot be accomplished with a team size of one. by Edward

GPT: Changing The Way We Code

By Tomas Votruba

It’s not even 24 hours since GPT-4 was released to the public, and
I’m writing this article with my own bare hands. I won’t lie to you; I’m
tempted to generate the content of this post. But the GPT is pre-trained
on the public domain and not my brain…yet. by Tomas Votruba

The Role of PHP in Ubiquitous Computing

By Jack D. Polifka

The future of the Internet and computing will likely shift away from
devices we sit down with and use on a daily basis. Technologies like
augmented reality, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things will
increasingly require users to physically interact with them instead. As
a programming language primarily designed for web development, PHP will
soon need to evolve into a more universal language that extends beyond
the limits of the web. What is the role of PHP in these future
technologies, and how can we, as developers, prepare ourselves for
working with them? by Jack Polifka

PHP Puzzles: Maze Rats

By Oscar Merida

Back in the January 2021 installment for PHP Puzzles, Sherri Wheeler
looked at drawing a path through a grid. In this first part, we delve
into the work of maze generation. by Oscar Merida

Education Station: 12 Factor Applications: Parts 7-12

By Chris Tankersley

Last month we started looking at 12 Factor Applications, a set of
rules for building robust, maintainable distributed applications.
Developed by Heroku Engineer Adam Wiggins in 2011, it raised some
important questions for distributed applications. by Chris

The Workshop: A Grumpy Programmer’s Introduction To NeoVim and PHP

By Chris Hartjes

Hello friends! You might know me from my years of shouting at PHP
developers to write tests for their code and my (hopefully) entertaining
talks at conferences. It probably will not surprise readers that I also
have some opinions about text editors and Integrated Development
Environments (IDEs). In this article, I want to discuss The One True New
Editor, NeoVim. by Chris Hartjes

DDD Alley: DDD Alley: Impedance Mismatch

By Edward Barnard

When I drew out our PHP application on the whiteboard, it looked like
a Big Ball of Mud. We changed the drawing slightly, and something
interesting appeared. by Edward Barnard

Security Corner: The Risks of Free Conference Internet

By Eric Mann

Now that the snow is melting, we’re beginning to see the first signs
of Spring. With Spring comes the rain, wildflowers and honeybees,
bouncing bunnies in the park, and conference season. Traveling for
conferences and other events can be exciting for many. But what most
don’t realize is just how risky it can be. by Eric Mann

Artisan Way: The Subtle Art of Optimal DaaS

By Matt Lantz

All too often, when any Laravel developer is requested to start a
project, they get zoned in on the selection of things like Livewire
vs. Inertia or which Spatie packages to use. Generally, their focus is
on the code, not the infrastructure or the DevOps tooling. Regardless of
their stack, most developers have a cloud provider they are most
comfortable with: Digital Ocean or AWS, or one of the many others.
Second, particularly in the Laravel community, the next question is, do
I use Forge or Vapor for this project? What we’re examining is the
subtle art of DaaS selection and optimization. by Matt

PSR Pickup: PSR-18: HTTP Client

By Frank Wallen

This month we will look at PSR-18, the HTTP Client.
Use of APIs has grown significantly over the years, from providing
sports stats and news headlines to driving the backend of websites,
processing payments, and conversations with AI chatbots. Separated
services like these give us greater control of content, and resources,
and improved performance through asynchronous requests. This article
will not be covering API design but rather the design around the
consumer of APIs. However, I recommend some talks presented at Tek that you will want to attend to
learn more about APIs: Matthew Turland’s “OpenAPI: More Than
and Tim Bond’s “Attackers want your data and
they’re getting it from your API”
on Day 2 (Wednesday), and Ian
Littman with “API Design Patterns for the REST of Us” on Day 3
(Thursday). by Frank Wallen

finally{}: Stop Waiting

By Beth Tucker Long

What’s on your ‘Someday’ list? What do you keep putting off, waiting
for the right time? Dust off that list. Someday has arrived….Stop
Waiting! by Beth Tucker Long

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