Deelaka Radheesh Abeygunawardena

Deelaka is a Professional Software QA Engineer (and a former Web Developer) with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He is a graduate of Information Technology at the University of Colombo. He has 4+ years of industrial experience and is skilled inWeb Development,Quality Assurance, Web Testing, Mobile Testing, API Testing, Tutorial Writing and Documentation. 💻 🖱

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XML Tutorial for Beginners

By Deelaka Radheesh Abeygunawardena

XML is a markup language for transporting data. It is available as a free and open format. We will cover the basics of XML, its features, XML validation, and XML editors in this tutorial. Also, we will talk about more complex topics such as XML Namespaces, DTD, XSD, DOM, SAX, and XML Databases. We have included several examples for easy and better understanding of the tutorial. by Deelaka Radheesh Abeygunawardena

Published in Bad Bug Bounties, January 2024