Dmitri Goosens

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Dmitri is a Belgian backend PHP Dev and Architect, working at Ardennes-étape, who is very passionate about DDD, OpenSource and everything Digital. When he’s not working, playing with code or reading about code, he spends time with family and cats and enjoys Belgian beers (especially Orval) and going for long walks in the forest.

twitter: @dgoosens


Bring Value To Your Code

By Dmitri Goosens

Through its iterations, PHP has become as appropriate as any other language to express Domain-Driven Design and implement other concepts and patterns that are more complex. One of these is one of the most important building blocks in Domain Driven Design (DDD), the Value Object… But what is a Value Object? Is it only useful in DDD? How, where, and why should one use them? Let’s try to check it out… by Dmitri Goosens

Published in The Value of the AST, November 2022