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Łukasz has a passion for coding, which is probably not surprising. He began with C++ during his university studies but then shifted his focus to Networking and DevOps. However, his love for coding ultimately prevailed, and ten years ago, he made the decision to pursue it as a profession. He has never looked back since then, and is grateful for that decision every day.


Value Objects

By Łukasz Bacik

This article discusses the use of Value Objects in the context of PHP
applications. The article presents step-by-step implementations of an
example Value Object (class Person), as well as the use and
discussion of the
library. Examples utilize the phpspec[^2](http://phpspec.net/en/stable/)
framework as the test platform (one does not live by PHPUnit alone,
after all!), and the entire code is available on
GitHub[^3](https://github.com/lbacik/value-object-spec). Enjoy! by
Łukasz Bacik

Published in Evolving PHP, June 2023