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Evolving PHP

June 2023

Over the past several months, I’ve reflected a lot on my experience as a PHP developer. Specifically, I’ve shared with some friends that I couldn’t have predicted that this is where I would be when I was younger. So many aspects of my job didn’t exist back then, including the Internet as we know it today. Additionally, the language I love to develop in, PHP, wasn’t even a thought. It’s amazing to think about how much PHP has evolved over the past several years as well.

Value Objects

By Łukasz Bacik

This article discusses the use of Value Objects in the context of PHP
applications. The article presents step-by-step implementations of an
example Value Object (class Person), as well as the use and
discussion of the
library. Examples utilize the phpspec[^2](
framework as the test platform (one does not live by PHPUnit alone,
after all!), and the entire code is available on
GitHub[^3]( Enjoy! by
Łukasz Bacik

The Next Generation of Developers: Where is the Internet Going?

By Derek Pyatt

The world is changing before our eyes, and how we interact with it is
adapting too. The Internet of Things (IoT) and Extended Reality (XR) are
two growing technologies that are ushering in a new era of global
connectivity. The next generation of developers is driving this new
era—the ones who are growing with technology in their hands and are
ready to take it to the next level. With each passing year, technologies
like the IoT and XR will become increasingly prevalent in our daily
lives. Modern developers specializing in these fields are not only
creating games and apps for entertainment; they’re also working on
training simulations for doctors or building apps to help people with
disabilities interact with the Internet. This article will explain how
emerging technologies in the world are evolving and how the next
generation of developers is changing with them. by Derek

PHP Puzzles: Maze Rats, Part Three

By Oscar Merida

In the prior two installments, we’ve explored maze-generating
algorithms. Once you’re in the labyrinth, you’ll want a way to find the
exit. In this final installment, we figure out how to get from the
maze’s entrance to the exit. by Oscar Merida

Education Station: Dude, Where’s My Server?

By Chris Tankersley

It is amazing how fast technology changes, especially around
programming. In the span of one human lifetime, we have gone from
needing rooms of equipment to run basic mathematical computations to
being able to click a button and not even knowing where our code is
being run. Currently, as I write this article, I completed a demo where
my setup was clicking a button that deployed the demo to At no point was I told where
the code was going to run, and I did not care. by Chris

The Workshop: Databases as a Service

By Joe Ferguson

Whether you’re working on a legacy project or scaling up a modern
application, one popular way would be migrating the database to a
Database as a Service (DBaaS). These services can provide great benefits
to teams that may not have a dedicated database administrator by
offloading the database service to a managed host. This month we will
explore the DBaaS cloud landscape and take a test drive through
migrating an application to a DBaaS host. by Joe Ferguson

DDD Alley: DDD Alley: Create Observability, Part 1: Local Timing

By Edward Barnard

“Keep it simple” often does pay off. Here’s a method of creating
observability, just for yourself, that’s intentionally simplistic and
rapid to implement. by Edward Barnard

Security Corner: Types of Tokens

By Eric Mann

Terminology in security can be a finicky thing. When talking about either security-related or adjacent topics, it’s best to be precise in what each term you choose actually Eric Mann

Barrier-Free Bytes: Welcome to Barrier-Free Bytes

By Maxwell Ivey

Welcome to our new column, Barrier-Free Bytes. We hope to create a
space to discuss and learn about accessibility and inclusion for all in
our community. Without further ado, let’s learn more about the author,
Maxwell Ivey. by Maxwell Ivey

Artisan Way: Defensive Programming For Laravel

By Matt Lantz

Building Laravel applications can be a wonderful experience. As a
full-stack framework, it provides numerous avenues for creating a
well-functioning scalable application. Laravel is, by default, set with
layers for security measures, and there are multiple packages to add
extra standards, ensuring your application will remain as secure as
possible. by Matt Lantz

PSR Pickup: PER: Coding Style

By Frank Wallen

No more PSR’s to discuss at the moment…say it isn’t so! Not to worry,
we’ll look at a new type of Recommendation: the PHP Evolving
Recommendation, or PER, in the meantime. by Frank Wallen

finally{}: Do We Deserve to Be Here?

By Beth Tucker Long

For more years than anyone cares to count, programmers have made
jokes at PHP’s expense, shuddered when someone mentions being a PHP
programmer, or written long rants about how PHP isn’t a real option for
professionals. How has this affected us? by Beth Tucker

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