Sherri Wheeler

Sherri is a web software developer and business professional with over 15 years of experience working with PHP. She currently operates her company Avinus Web Services, and for fun she creates games and open source software. When not at the computer you’ll find her camping, swimming and making forts with her husband and three sons in Ontario, Canada. Connect with her on Twitter.

twitter: @SyntaxSeed


PHP Puzzles: Factorials

By Sherri Wheeler

Each installment of PHP Puzzles presents a small coding exercise typical of those we might encounter in a job interview, or on a coding challenge website. In the following month, we’ll look at a couple of possible solutions for today’s puzzle. Perhaps one of the most common coding puzzles, I recall this one from high school computer class&msdash;calculating a factorial.

Published in Unsupervised Learning, May 2020

The Business Of PHP

By Sherri Wheeler

Among the many strategic decisions a business needs to make, one which we as developers are involved with is the choice of tech stack—the tools and technologies used for software development. When choosing a backend language, PHP presents its list of strengths and weaknesses; this article examines these from a business perspective.

Published in Machine Learning and OpenAPI, April 2020 —Available for Free