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Back to the Drawing Board – March 2017

Last month we looked at some non-traditional uses of PHP in Escape from the Server and “serverless” infrastructures are all the rage these days. This month, the server is back (with a vengeance?) with articles focused on server security, deployment with Docker, asynchronous PHP with Minecraft, and more.

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Learning to Code with Minecraft, Part Two

Last time, we started to build a multiplayer code school. We began by creating an async PHP server, complete with WebSockets. We connected to an unmodified Minecraft server and allowed the Minecraft player to join teams with a code learner. In this article, we’re going to upgrade to the latest version of Aerys. We’re also going to build more of the game, so that people can learn to code! by Chris Pitt

Deploying to Docker Swarm

Docker has come a long way in the last few years. It’s now possible to set up Docker as easily as other development tools on any operating system most people use, and (barring a few weird OS-specific gotchas) you can comfortably work in Docker from just about any machine. Some people, like myself, do not even install Vagrant on their machines anymore and opt for a pure Docker development environment. In this article, we’ll look at how deploying your Dockerized application has changed and become easier. by Chris Tankersley

How to Use SELinux (No, I Don’t Mean Turn It Off)

“I turn off SELinux because it is hard to configure.” “SELinux just gets in the way.” Those are just some of the arguments I hear when asking people why they turn off SELinux. Requiring Sudo gets in the way of looking at my logs. iptables is hard to configure (harder than SELinux in my opinion). You wouldn’t run a production system with those turned systems off would you? Why not take the time to learn what SELinux is doing and how it locks down your system? by Chuck Reeves

Pursuing a Graduate Degree as Professional Development

Professional development is common for many developers. One form of professional development that appears to be less utilized is higher education, especially the pursuit of a graduate degree. In response to this, I want to explain several of the benefits of pursuing a graduate degree by sharing my experiences of conducting thesis research for my master’s degree. by Jack Polifka

Education Station: Validate the Complexity of Your Writing With TextStatistics

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While code can often be the foundation of what we do on a daily basis; it’s not the only thing which is important. Well, it shouldn’t be, if it is. Another, dare I say, equally important part is documentation. This can be class and function documentation, end user documentation, tutorials—even creating broader content such as screencasts and online training. by Matthew Setter

Leveling Up: Exploring Object Immutability

Continuing from the last couple of months, we’re going to be looking further into objects. Objects allow us to combine state and behavior into a single construct. In objects, state is held in variables called properties while behaviors are associated functions we call methods. This month’s topic is immutability which in this case is specifically about making objects with unchangeable state by David Stockton

Community Corner: Three Tech Lessons I Learned Cleaning the Kitchen

We all learn life lessons away from the keyboard. Have you ever looked at them to see if they can make you a better developer? Here are three I’ve learned that I apply to my software development. by Cal Evans

Working Together

The world is at a precarious point. There are people in need all over the world. Whether dealing with hunger, disease, discrimination, or more. I’d like to take this moment to extend my charge about reaching out to the community. by Eli White

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