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Interviews from php[world]: Cal Evans, Taylor Otwell, Samantha Quiñones, and Gary Hockin

In Episode 25

Our crew sat down and snagged some interviews in the atrium at php[world] in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. This episode packs a lot into one hour and 13 minutes.


  • Practical static analysis tools like Psalm and PHPStan and moving away from DocBlocks to using native PHP 7 type hints.
  • John reflects on how his first talk went and the keys to giving a good talk.
  • Cal Evans on php[world], the breadth of the PHP community, new stuff in PHP 7.4, searching for PHP related information online, and his new role with SiteGround.
  • Taylor Otwell discusses how Laravel started, what’s new in Laravel 6, the potential impact of PHP 7’s JIT compiler, focusing on open-source and educational efforts in 2020, and funding open-source work.
  • Gary Hockin goes over his advice in Community Corner about getting started in public speaking, how speaking at conferences can impact your career, and how to choose talk topics.
  • Samantha Quiñones chats about her keynote at php[world], the history of computing, COBOL, preparing talks, PHP’s strength as a web-first language, and working at SkillShare.


Air date October 28, 2019
Hosted by Eric van Johnson and John Congdon
Guest(s) Cal Evans, Taylor Otwell, Samantha Quiñones, and Gary Hockin

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