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AI Llamas

June 2024

MJML: Unleashing the Power of Responsive Email Templates

By Matt Lantz

Many PHP developers spend far too much time crafting responsive email templates for applications. Maybe you’re like me, and you give in and use whatever layout Laravel offers out of the box. Though this can be a quick win, it’s rarely going to satisfy a client’s custom desires. by Matt Lantz

Advanced Valinor and Reorganizing Code

By Oscar Merida

This month, we delve further into working with Valinor and the benefits of using strongly typed classes for API responses instead of primitive data structures like arrays. I’ll share practical tips for mapping complex JSON payloads by pointing out the pitfalls to avoid and how to find and understand Valinor’s error messages when it throws exceptions. We’ll also look at why I reorganized the client code as the number of endpoints blossomed rapidly. by Oscar Merida

A Razer Thin Edge

By Beth Tucker Long

by Beth Tucker Long

Securing PHP Applications: A Deep Dive – Part Two – Securing The Code

By Christopher Miller

Last month, we looked at some of the ways that attackers can get in – that wasn’t exhaustive, but gave a flavor of the ways in. This month, we’re digging into some code and working out how we can add some control against hackers. by Christopher Miller

Catch the Imagination

By Edward Barnard

Cray Research, the computer company, was literally built on stories. That’s the power of catching someone’s imagination. We’ll first learn about “Seymour stories” within Cray Research. Then we’ll learn an early Glenn Martin story, which catches the imagination, and contrast that story to the background and context that wasn’t so great. We’re not focusing on the art of storytelling as such. Rather, we’re seeing examples of what does catch the imagination and what does not. It’s an interesting and useful lesson. by Edward Barnard

Eight Rules for Better Applications

By Chris Tankersly

***WARNING:*** You are about to read an article that could probably be summed up as “Old man yells at clouds”, but I implore you to read the article and think about what modern development is doing and how itinfluenceswhat we, as software engineers, do. by Chris Tankersly

Security-minded Code Review

By Eric Mann

When reviewing documentation or code, I typically ask people to rate the level of pedantry they want me to provide in my commentary. This is mostly snarky, but it also covers a more legitimate set of questions based on the *goal* of the review. Is this merely a code quality edit? Are we trying to optimize the performance of some code? Do we need to assess the tone taken in documentation? by Eric Mann

Llamas, Llamas everywhere

By Steve McDougall

AI. It is more than just a buzzword we see floating everywhere on the internet. It is in our phones and our applications. Everywhere you turn, some company is doing something with AI. Whether it is a new LLM being released or a new company training their LLM on the data you have been adding to their platform for years. by Steve McDougall

Understanding and Implementing a Dependency Injection Container – Part I

By Wendell Adriel

When working in **Software** **Development**, creating maintainable and scalable applications is a top priority, not only for the technical aspects but also from the business perspective. If we have high-quality code, the chance of issues decreases, decreasing the work needed in maintenance. by Wendell Adriel

Understanding PHP Attributes

By JD Lien

A lesser-discussed feature added in PHP 8 was attributes. Attributes are metadata that can be applied to classes, methods, properties, parameters, and constants to add information to your code in a structured, type-safe way. by JD Lien

A Guide to Serialization in PHP

By Ash Allen

Serialization is an important concept that helps make data portable and easy to store. In this article, we’ll take a look at what serialization is and how to use it in PHP. by Ash Allen

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