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Community Corner: Top Five Tips for Successful Speaking

by · October 2, 2019


Public speaking is an excellent way to advance your developer career. When you stand in front of your peers telling them what you know, you get recognized as an expert in that subject. Forcing yourself to think about things in a way that allows you to teach tho others makes you understand that topic in […]


Community Corner: On Diversity in Conference Speakers

by · September 3, 2019


Here are a few notable suggestions for conferences that do want to improve diversity and inclusion in their speaking lineup.


finally{}: Conferences and Community

by · June 5, 2019


So as someone who runs conferences for the community (And does so full-time, so does need to make a buck or two), I wanted to address a recent discussion that came up on twitter. A gentleman who was running a design conference in Dallas (for only $200 ticket price), was ranting about speakers, and how […]


Community Corner: A New Sponsorship Framework

by · February 5, 2019


A little over a year ago my team lead looked at my first few months as a Developer Evangelist and decided that since I was already doing work for and with underrepresented developers, we should try making that one of the communities I officially serve.


Community Corner: Community Review 2018

by · December 11, 2018


The final days of 2018 are looming on us, and I wanted to take a look back on some of the things, good and bad, that happened in and around the PHP community this year.


Community Corner: Where PHP Communities Meet

by · August 3, 2018


The PHP community makes a big deal about user groups, and for a good reason. Meeting up with local peers and creating a network of people can be beneficial. Many user groups will have a talk most months which makes a nice talking point and a good opportunity to learn something new. The many PHP […]


The Journey to Becoming a Speaker

by · February 1, 2018


There is a wealth of great advice on becoming a speaker. Speaking isn’t for everyone, but if you’re on the fence and wondering if it’s for you, my advice is to give it a go!


November 2016 – Moving Forward

by · November 1, 2016


This issue contains articles on the history of women in computing, using Abstract Classes/Interfaces/Traits, scaling with RabbitMQ, and custom extensions using Zephir. Our columnists have articles on Security scanners, advice for your first conference, improving your processes, understanding your editing tools, and more.


php[cruise] Early Bird Pricing Ends Dec. 31st

by · December 8, 2015


The cruise itself seems too far away to think about, however don’t delay because our Early Bird Sale ends on Dec. 31st. The prices will increase after that so give the family an unexpected present and help spend that end of year budget. For your convenience we have booked a discounted block of rooms at […]


Announcing php[tek] 2015 and our Call for Papers

by · December 17, 2014


Today we’ve opened up the Call for Papers (as well as registration) for our upcoming conference php[tek] 2015.  This conference will once again take place in Chicago, IL, from the dates of May 18th to May 22nd.  The call for papers is only open until January 19th however.  So don’t delay in submitting those talk […]