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SQL Windowing Functions

by · October 2, 2018


Structured Query Language, or SQL, was a boring, ho-hum declarative programming language for many years until the fairly recent additions of common table expressions and windowing functions. CTEs and windowing functions turn SQL into a much more robust programming language which provides increased power for your SQL queries. Most popular databases have them and as […]


MySQL Generated Columns, Views, and Triggers

by · August 3, 2018


Databases often have neat features that go unnoticed or lightly used that could make your life as a developer much easier. This article started its path to print at the php[tek] 2018 conference with a discussion on generated columns in MySQL. Several attendees seemed to need extra guidance and this article is an attempt to […]


MySQL Without The SQL—Oh My!

by · July 2, 2018


Do you work on projects where you begin coding before knowing what your data looks like? Or are you part of the vast majority of developers who have had little or no training in database theory, relational calculus, Structured Query Language, or sets? Could you be working on a project without a database administrator to […]


AntidisestablishmentSQLism: an introduction to NoSQL

by · March 30, 2010


Talking about the NoSQL movement is like talking about a “NoC++” movement: people not using C++ have very little else in common with each other. For instance, some people say that NoSQL is obviously all about ACID (atomic, consistent, isolated, durable) vs. BASE (basically available, soft-state, easy). Other people say it’s all about scalability, whereas […]