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Navigating State – July 2018

by · July 2, 2018


In this issue: State machines, workflows, parsing text, MySQL without SQL, Continuous Integration, self-hosted git, CakePHP, Password Authentication, Issue Tracking, Algorithms, and more.


Command and Control – June 2018

by · June 7, 2018


Using events and command buses, self-hosted git, design workflows, parsing text, a look at CakePHP, Composer security, and more


Design Is for Designers

by · June 6, 2018


All too often developers are tasked with aesthetic decisions and designers tasked with programmatic decisions. Blurring the lines of an aesthetically oriented mind or programmatically oriented mind creates multiple layers of inefficiency during the project lifecycle, bloating your project budget and timeline. Let’s look at how the right process can remove these inefficiencies and improve […]


Back to the Drawing Board – March 2017

by · March 1, 2017


The March issue of the magazine is ready for you to download. In this issue, we look at some server related technologies to keep your PHP application humming.


Blueprints for Success – January 2017

by · January 3, 2017


We have a new issue of the magazine to ring in the new year! This issue collects articles to help you plan and make your application and code better. These may be well-known design patterns, fundamental concepts, or novel applications of a familiar tool.


Re: Branding php[architect]

by · June 14, 2013


Rebranding is a fine balancing act. Not destroying the image that has been attached to a product’s success, you must retain enough of the original message, while updating the look to a more modern version. Arbi Arzoumani did a wonderful job with php|architect’s image (logos, colors and fonts as well as magazine, conference and website […]


Opinion: Why Software Fails

by · October 10, 2011


Even successful software often fails miserably.