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Can You Migrate Any Legacy Code Under One Month?

by · August 2, 2019


According to PHP Framework Trends from Packagist, there were over 1,258 million downloads of open-source PHP frameworks in the last 12 months. That’s a huge number! But how many of them are on the latest version? How many of them are stuck on version 0 or 1, that’s not even on Packagist? Also, how many of you have a custom PHP framework that you hate? What if I tell you there is a way you all could use the latest version of your favorite framework and PHP 7.4 by the end of 2019?


Lithium framework announces interim release, now at 0.9.5

by · May 3, 2010


The Lithium framework continues to make great strides, and project lead Nate Abele has announced that Lithium has hit version 0.9.5, an interim release.


To use a framework, or not to: that is the question

by · April 2, 2010


“To be, or not to be: that is the question:” is the memorable quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet played in the 1600s. Programmers, today, have a similar dilemma.

When should a programming framework be used?


Lithium continues rapid pace, hits 0.8

by ·


Continuing with their lightning-fast development, the Lithium team releases Lithium 0.8.


Fat-Free, a new PHP framework

by · February 26, 2010


Fat-Free Framework is a new minimalistic yet very functional PHP framework. It supports PHP 5.3, and requires no additional extensions other than the core extentions shipped with PHP. It sets itself apart by trying to be usable, not the usual.


Lithium 0.6 brings “flurry of activity”

by · February 16, 2010


Lithium 0.6 brings new features, improved bootstrap and a completely revamped template layer to the fledgling PHP 5 framework.


Solar Framework approaches 1.0 release with Beta 4

by · February 15, 2010


Paul M. Jones, founder and lead developer of the Solar Framework, recently announced the release of Solar Framework 1.0.0Beta4. The very complete and copious release nodes can be found here.