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finally{}: Frameworks Don’t Make Any Sense

by · November 4, 2019


Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about why the title of this article, I feel, is entirely wrong (though I used to believe it). I’m writing about this because I’ve had a sordid history with frameworks and want to share where I’ve landed.


Symfony 4: A New Way to Develop Applications

by · August 2, 2019


PHP has changed a lot in the last few years. It is a faster and better language. With the improvement of the language, almost all the major frameworks also improved, including Symfony. In this article, I write about the changes and improvements included in Symfony 4. Symfony 4 introduces a much better developer experience with a new way of building web applications. It can be a good fit for small micro-apps or services, but it can also be a good fit for huge monolithic applications.


April 2016 – Off the Island: Drupal

by · April 1, 2016


The April 2016 issue of php[architect] magazine is out! This issue we take a look at how Drupal is using tools and techniques from the PHP community. This issue also includes articles on how to easily generate documentation, advice on learning new frameworks, what it means to be a leader in the PHP community, and […]


php[architect] Magazine July 2013 – Front End Development

by · July 24, 2013


Front end development is usually the last consideration for web developers, but it’s just as important as the server-side functionality. In some ways, it’s more [immediately] important, because it’s the functionality the end user interfaces with. Unless you have a wunderkind designer that can also code, this is a task for you. This month’s issue covers […]


Ext4Yii, bridging PHP and JavaScript frameworks together

by · July 15, 2010


Ext4Yii is one of the numerous solution to bring a JavaScript framework into a PHP one with ease.


Zend Framework 2.0 inches closer to completion

by · June 7, 2010


Many are eagerly anticipating the next major version of Zend Framework. Several announcements were made this week thats shed further light on the new release, with an appeal for developers to pitch in and help with the project.


Using a framework? Why you should still learn OO and SQL

by · April 27, 2010


If you’ve only ever used a framework to do data-driven or object-oriented programming, you might not know as much as you think. Read why it’s important to learn object-oriented programming and SQL…even if your framework does all the heavy lifting for you.


Zend Framework 1.9.8 and 1.10.3 released

by · April 5, 2010


A potential security issue in the Dojo Toolkit has brought to the public two new releases of Zend Framework, along with 80 bugfixes for the PHP components.


Development principles

by · March 19, 2010


What are the most important principles in software development? An insight on the basic motifs of the current methodologies.


Solar 1.0.0 Stable Released

by · March 12, 2010


Solar 1.0.0 Stable was released on Monday, and even Slashdot has noticed.