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php[architect] Magazine July 2013 – Front End Development

by · July 24, 2013


Front end development is usually the last consideration for web developers, but it’s just as important as the server-side functionality. In some ways, it’s more [immediately] important, because it’s the functionality the end user interfaces with. Unless you have a wunderkind designer that can also code, this is a task for you. This month’s issue covers […]


CodeWorks East 2011 Recap

by · December 16, 2011


While it will still be a few days weeks until I’m finally recovered, I wanted to share a recap of CodeWorks East 2011 while it was still fresh. If you’re looking for the core presenters’ slides, attendees will receive them via email but they will not be published publicly until after the West Coast Tour […]


Impel, the Javascript ORM

by · March 23, 2010


Impel is an object-relational mapper for JavaScript. If the association of these two terms seems strange, bear with me (and with HTML5) for a moment.


Let's get all the facts on HTML5

by · February 16, 2010


Recent blog posts called into question Adobe’s commitment to open standards and specifically to HTML5. Now John Nack, Adobe employee but not spokes-person, speaks out and gives readers a hint of his true feelings on the matter.