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Vagrant with GUIs and Windows

by · January 29, 2015


Last week, I had the pleasure to present at the Drupal NoVA meetup group about using Vagrant to automate setting up development environments for your projects. Using a VM has been the single biggest change to my workflow in recent years, no matter what CMS or framework I’m using on it. You can view the […]


Internet Explorer 9: Where Does It Stand?

by · March 30, 2011


On Monday March 14,2011 Internet Explorer 9 was released. A lot of people have been hoping that IE 9 would be better than the previous versions, and interestingly there are some people still rooting for IE 6 to stay alive. As developers we have to recognize that, whether we like it or not,IE exists. Does IE 9 live up to the hype? Does it make sense for us to use?


Goodies for PHPers in Internet Explorer 9

by · April 12, 2010


You may wondering what all the Internet Explorer 9 hubbub coming from Redmond is about. We’ve got some answers for you.