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Rapid Prototyping a Board Game with PHP

by · October 2, 2018


After designing and coding many computer games, I recently got around to designing and publishing a tabletop game. But wait, a board game is hardware! Using PHP to design a board game seems unconventional. How did that come about? Here’s the project history showing how I used PHP as a tool for rapid prototyping. Given […]


Safe at Speed – July 2017

by · July 10, 2017


In the July 2017 issue of the magazine: Google Cloud, Scalable Content Distribution, beyond jQuery, mental health, and more.


November 2014 php[architect] magazine launched

by · November 24, 2014


It’s that time of month again and the latest edition of our PHP technical journal is out!  This one comes in at a whopping 72 pages crammed full of information about PHP environments. Zend Engine, running PHP on Firefox OS, creating PHP within of JavaScript, Symfony, Laravel and much more! Check out the full magazine […]


php[architect] Magazine July 2013 – Front End Development

by · July 24, 2013


Front end development is usually the last consideration for web developers, but it’s just as important as the server-side functionality. In some ways, it’s more [immediately] important, because it’s the functionality the end user interfaces with. Unless you have a wunderkind designer that can also code, this is a task for you. This month’s issue covers […]


Ext4Yii, bridging PHP and JavaScript frameworks together

by · July 15, 2010


Ext4Yii is one of the numerous solution to bring a JavaScript framework into a PHP one with ease.


Meet Ed Finkler

by · April 23, 2010


This one is a bit longer than the other interviews in this series but if you know Ed, that doesn’t surprise you. Ed has been a player in the PHP community for as long as I’ve known him. First with Inspect and then with the award winning twitter client Spaz. (Which isn’t really PHP but […]


Impel, the Javascript ORM

by · March 23, 2010


Impel is an object-relational mapper for JavaScript. If the association of these two terms seems strange, bear with me (and with HTML5) for a moment.


jQuery disables UI Downloader and Theme Builder

by · February 12, 2010


jQuery recently disabled two of it’s popular features, UI Downloader and Theme Builder while it works through issues that users are having.