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How To Avoid Job Stagnation

by · November 4, 2019


The average time spent by a developer in one company is 3.2 years. Some companies have a rule, anyone not promoted by that time, can be fired. Those three years are critical because it’s enough time to know everybody around, learn what a company expects, and finally, you should get a promotion notice.


Education Station: Interview Coding Challenges

by · December 11, 2018


Meanwhile, the days where employees stay with the same company 20-30 years are long gone. We move around or move on from contract to contract. For many of us, this means formal job interviews. Many of those interviews include coding challenges; that can be a problem. Let’s talk about that!


Community Corner: Finding the Perfect Development Job

by · September 4, 2018


We are lucky to work in an industry that is in high demand. Never before has the need for programmers been higher in our world driven by the internet and revolutionary technology. Entrepreneurs are churning out startups, not just in Silicon Valley but all over the world. While the demand for developers does indeed fluctuate […]


July 2014 php[architect] Magazine Released – Navigating the Business

by · July 21, 2014


The July issue is ready to download! In this issue, we focus on ways you can navigate the business side of working with PHP. Jordan Tway gives advice on how to sell yourself via a polished resume and interview skills. Benjamin Greenaway looks at the place of PHP in startups. In Education Station, Matthew Setter explores […]


Confessions of a Hiring Manager: Get my attention, Get a Job

by · June 26, 2009


If you want to get a job, you have to get the attention of the person reading your résumé. Here are some tips from someone who has read more than his share of résumés on how to get that person’s attention.