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Bug-free Money Handling with MoneyPHP

by · November 11, 2020


Do we really know how to handle one of the fundamental business operations—calculating monetary amounts? Floating-point calculations, often used with financial transactions, are notoriously tricky and error-prone because of how computers process them. In this article, we’ll look at how you can avoid making them in your application.


Education Station: Simple, Compact Time Range Creation with Period

by · July 17, 2017


See how to easily create and manipulate datetime ranges with Period, a library from the PHP League of Packages. From June 2017’s Education Station by Matthew Setter.


First beta of Doctrine 2 released

by · April 28, 2010


Doctrine 2’s first beta release is out. We will take a look at how this Orm lets you almost ignore the existence of a database.