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2011 php|tek Webcast Series

by · January 26, 2011


Once again, we bring you the php|tek Webcast Series. For the past few conferences, we’ve put together a sampling of interesting sessions, hot projects, and sharp people from around the community to talk on topics that have piqued their interest.


Lithium framework announces interim release, now at 0.9.5

by · May 3, 2010


The Lithium framework continues to make great strides, and project lead Nate Abele has announced that Lithium has hit version 0.9.5, an interim release.


Lithium continues rapid pace, hits 0.8

by · April 2, 2010


Continuing with their lightning-fast development, the Lithium team releases Lithium 0.8.


Lithium at version 0.7, now with SQL support

by · March 10, 2010


Lithium hits version 0.7, bringing 170 commits from 6 different developers…including SQL support.


php|architect podcast: oddWeek #003

by · February 19, 2010


This week’s oddWeek podcast features our friend Nate Abele. We discuss Cake PHP, Lithium and the trials of starting open source projects.


Lithium 0.6 brings “flurry of activity”

by · February 16, 2010


Lithium 0.6 brings new features, improved bootstrap and a completely revamped template layer to the fledgling PHP 5 framework.


php|architect Podcast: Bake'n'Shake

by · November 12, 2009


php|architect’s post ZendCon episode. Listen as we discuss how Nate Abele pronounces his name, wrap up ZendCon ’09 and other things that strike our fancy.