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Generics and Project Success – November 2018

by · October 31, 2018


In this issue: Generics in PHP, Maintainable Laravel, Starting with PHP, Project Success, security code reviews, and more


Magniphpicent 7.3 – September 2018

by · September 4, 2018


In this issue: Xdebug, Freelancing, Parsing text, MySQL Generated Columns, Gitflow, PhpStorm, and more.


Book Review: Reflections on Management

by · April 27, 2010


“Reflections on Management: How to Manage Your Software Projects, Your Teams, Your Boss, and Yourself” by Watts S. Humphrey is Addison Wesley’s latest book on managing the software development process. Click through and see what our own Cal Evans thinks about it.


Friday Webcast "Care and feeding of remote developers"

by · April 21, 2010


Our very own Cal Evans takes centre stage at our ongoing TEK·X webcast series this Friday. Come join us!


5 tips for finding talent

by · April 5, 2010


So you need a new developer in your team… Fed up of unworthy candidates turning up to the interviews? Tired of not knowing which other stones to turn? Finding your ideal player might sometimes feel like an impossible task, but here are some tips that will bring your search to a happier end.