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Generics and Project Success – November 2018

Posted by on October 31, 2018

Generics in PHP, Maintainable Laravel, Starting with PHP, Project Success, security code reviews,  and more

In this Issue

Generics and Project Success has articles on:

  • The Case for Generics in PHP by Chris Holland. See how they would fit in PHP’s type system.
  • Maintaining Laravel Applications by Jason McCreary. Learn what practices to avoid to keep your Laravel apps easy to upgrade.
  • Getting Started With Php? Let’s Start the Right Way! by Junior Grossi. See what new additions to the language you should be using
  • How to Knock Down Any Project in Ten Steps by Paweł Lewtak. In this, he draws on his experience to identify the management practices which can derail any software project.

In The Workshop, Joe Ferguson continues Producing Packages, Part Two on the importance of picking a license and writing good documentation for your library. Eric Mann writes about Five Risks to Look for In a Code Review in Security Corner. You may be used to looking for quality and maintenance issues in a code review, but don’t overlook the chance to also ensure your application is more secure during one. In Community Corner, James Titcumb will help you in Leveling Up by sharing resources you can use to keep up with the pace of change in the tech industry. If one of your team members is not performing as expected, Chris Tankersley will guide you in having The Talk in The Dev Lead Trenches. You’ll learn the steps to address the issue professionally. In Education Station: The Day the Internet Died, Edward Barnard looks back at how the Morris worm changed the internet and forced early web denizens to take information system security seriously. To finish the issue, Eli White continues his tour of The Seven Deadly Sins of Programming: Sloth in finally{}.

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Oscar still remembers downloading an early version of the Apache HTTP server at the end of 1995, and promptly asking "Ok, what's this good for?" He started learning PHP in 2000 and hasn't stopped since. He's worked with Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, and bespoke PHP, to name a few. Follow him on Google+.
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