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Cybersecurity State of the Union

by · June 12, 2017


by Mark Niebergall The cybersecurity landscape is continuously changing as new threats appear and attackers adapt. Data breaches, cyber attacks, identity theft, and scams show up regularly in the news and can have a significant negative impact to those affected by them. Keeping up with the latest cyber security trends, understanding the threats, and keeping […]


Month of PHP Security 2010

by · March 1, 2010


The Month of PHP Bugs was a unique event in the PHP landscape that fixed a large number of security issues. Now a call for papers has started for a new, larger initiative.


XHP: Inline XML For PHP

by · February 10, 2010


Anyone developing with PHP quickly learns that PHP’s ability to generate HTML is both a blessing and a curse. While PHP supports the ability to generate dynamic websites and HTML, it often creates kludgy and difficult code. Facebook, one of the world’s largest consumers of PHP and fresh off their announcement of HipHop, has noted […]