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Never* Use Arrays

by · January 3, 2020


Arrays are a core feature of the PHP language, and so easy to use many developers don’t go beyond them. Fixating on arrays as the uber-data structure, while tempting, can rapidly lead to unmaintainable, unreadable code. Let’s look at better options and just how accessible those options are.


php|architect January Issue – Standards and Testing

by · February 1, 2013


Like it or not, most of us (developers) started learning in a vacuum. We learned and developed habits that worked for us at the moment, but not all of these were things we are now proud to show off. How many of us facepalm when we see our code from 5 years ago? Heck- even […]


Modsecurity: Why it matters to PHP

by · July 9, 2010


ModSecurity Handbook:The Complete Guide to the Popular Open Source Web Application Firewall by Ivan Ristic. What is ModSecurity in the first place? Why does it matter to you? What makes this book important to the practice of web application design?


Code Jam 2010 Open for Registration

by · April 19, 2010


Do you enjoy programming, puzzles and some friendly competition? If so, you may be interested in registering for this year’s Code Jam.


PHP 5.3 namespaces for the rest of us

by · March 29, 2010


The introduction of namespaces in PHP 5.3 is bringing a new concept in the PHP world, and knowing how to leverage the new features is important for writing concise and readable code.


Programming: you're doing it wrong

by · March 10, 2010


Software development is the land of egos and opinions—and it seems that, no matter how bad we try, we’re always doing things the wrong way. But why?


Stop Telling People to Optimize, and Start Teaching Them to Program

by · June 25, 2009


We have all, at one point or other, made the mistake of asking a question like “does delimiting strings with single quotes yield better performance than using double quotes?”, only to be rebuffed by other people in the community who point out to us micro-optimization is often a pointless pursuit. This doesn’t stop the discussion from cropping up from time to time, though, especially when one of the world’s most sophisticated IT companies makes micro-optimization the subject of one of their official blog posts.