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Building Bridges

by · March 25, 2019


In this Episode We’re trying a new format in this episode. Eric, John, and Oscar recorded together. Let us know what you think of the new format? Should we keep it? Topics Eric and John get a look behind the scenes into what goes into producing each magazine issue. Call for Writers – get feedback […]


We Need a Bigger Boat—Introduction to Scaling, Part Two

by · March 4, 2019


If you have one successful month after another, then scaling becomes something you always have to be aware of. While optimizing your resource usage and scaling your web instances (covered last month) can get you so far, sooner or later you’ll need more. We’ve already discussed how databases are a common bottleneck, so this month […]


We Need a Bigger Boat—Introduction to Scaling, Part One

by · February 5, 2019


Scaling can be a tricky subject. We’re often warned against scaling too soon but left too late, and the results can be just as bad. The need to scale comes from an application being successful—so if you are in that situation, then congratulations! In this first part, we’ll cover how to know when its time […]


Education Station: Producer-Consumer Programming

by · September 4, 2018


Producer-consumer programming is an excellent technique for offloading work from your main application. You can scale resources to meet increased demand. You can smooth out spikes by placing your backlog in a queue. You can set aside long-running tasks such as thumbnail generation. We’ll develop a simple CakePHP application that produces and consumes via a […]


November 2016 – Moving Forward

by · November 1, 2016


This issue contains articles on the history of women in computing, using Abstract Classes/Interfaces/Traits, scaling with RabbitMQ, and custom extensions using Zephir. Our columnists have articles on Security scanners, advice for your first conference, improving your processes, understanding your editing tools, and more.


July 2016 – Harnessing Magic

by · July 1, 2016


The July 2016 issue of php[architect] magazine is ready to download! Some things just work like magic This month we look at regular expressions, cryptography, PHP references, and function programming to help you demystify how they work and add them to your arsenal of solutions. Also in this issue, we look at using the Mailchimp […]


June 2016 – Decoupled by Design

by · June 1, 2016


The June 2016 issue of php[architect] magazine is now available! Less tightly coupled code is easier to debug and re-use. This month we look at techniques to decouple different aspects of your code: including using asynchronous & distributed workers, transducers, middleware, and secure web services. Also in this issue, we have a library to use […]


The Cloud Couldn’t Be Easier

by · April 19, 2011


Zend has just announced their latest partnership with RightScale, a leader in cloud computing management, to provide you with a new Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. This is not just your typical PaaS, though, this will provide a “solution for deploying and managing business-critical PHP applications with high availability, elasticity and portability in the cloud.”


CodeWorks 2010 Slides

by · November 29, 2010


If you’ve been following along the last couple months, you know that a number of us were recently on the CodeWorks 2010 tour. In ten days we hit five cities and met user groups all over the place. All in all, it was a blast – we all have writeups coming – but you’re not here for our analysis.. you’re hear for our slides.


AntidisestablishmentSQLism: an introduction to NoSQL

by · March 30, 2010


Talking about the NoSQL movement is like talking about a “NoC++” movement: people not using C++ have very little else in common with each other. For instance, some people say that NoSQL is obviously all about ACID (atomic, consistent, isolated, durable) vs. BASE (basically available, soft-state, easy). Other people say it’s all about scalability, whereas […]