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Community Corner: Larabelles

by · October 5, 2020


“If you are looking for a development community and when you look around, if you don’t find one, congratulations, you are now the organizer of your new development community.” These were the (paraphrased) wise words spoken by one Cal Evans ( @calevans). This advice inspired John Congdon to reboot my local PHP User Group in […]


Community Corner: Women in History Month

by · March 4, 2019


In recognition of Women in History month, I asked women and non-binary developers to reflect on their experiences in the PHP community, and received about 30 responses.


November 2016 – Moving Forward

by · November 1, 2016


This issue contains articles on the history of women in computing, using Abstract Classes/Interfaces/Traits, scaling with RabbitMQ, and custom extensions using Zephir. Our columnists have articles on Security scanners, advice for your first conference, improving your processes, understanding your editing tools, and more.


October 2016 – Pillars of Development

by · October 3, 2016


Another issue is ready for download! Get your copy of the October 2016 issue of php[architect] magazine. This issue has articles on the history of women in computing, juggling arrays the functional way, advice for building your next API, and how to add features to a legacy application using the Strangler Pattern. Our columnists have […]