php[architect] Magazine August 2013 – Managing Dependencies

Posted by on August 22, 2013

The August issue of the magazine focuses on helping you manage dependencies. In any project beyond a trivial size, your code base can include not just the code you write, but also legacy code and community-developed solutions. The introduction of Composer and have pushed the PHP ecosystem to mature in terms of managing code packages and making them available to drop in anywhere they are needed.

This month’s issue includes articles on using Composer, integrating it with PhpStorm, testing dependencies with PHPUnit, and using Vagrant to set up your development environment. In our Education Station column, we present part 2 of using the Stripe payment API. If you’re interested in hosting a PHP project on Google App Engine, Keith Casey shows you how its done and points out pitfalls along the way.

Check out what’s available this month in the August 2013 issue of php[architect].

About the author—Oscar still remembers downloading an early version of the Apache HTTP server at the end of 1995, and promptly asking "Ok, what's this good for?" He started learning PHP in 2000 and hasn't stopped since. He's worked with Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, and bespoke PHP, to name a few. Follow him on Google+.