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November 2014 php[architect] magazine launched


by · November 24, 2014


It’s that time of month again and the latest edition of our PHP technical journal is out!  This one comes in at a whopping 72 pages crammed full of information about PHP environments. Zend Engine, running PHP on Firefox OS, creating PHP within of JavaScript, Symphony, Laravel and much more! Check out the full magazine […]


Partnering with BlackMesh for php[world] Conference


by · October 20, 2014


We are excited to announce that BlackMesh is the Conference Partner of our php[world] conference this November 10-14th in Washington D.C. This conference is focusing on bridging the gap between various communities to not only share experiences but to learn what the future holds for PHP as a language. The five-day conference will bring together […]


PHP Swag Store Now Open


by · September 30, 2014


We just launched our brand new Swag Store where you can buy your own plush friend or other PHP branded gear for yourself.  Our options will be expanding in the near future, so look forward to seeing more T-shirts and other products appearing. We also want to hear from you!  Please and let us know […]


Functional Programming in PHP Book Released


by · August 29, 2014


We are excited to announce the availability of our newest book:  Functional Programming in PHP by Simon Holywell.  PHP gained anonymous functions and closures in 5.3, which provided the basis allowing functional programming techniques to be used within PHP itself.  This book is designed to cover all aspects of Functional Programming in PHP and give […]


php[world] Conference: Five Amazing Keynotes…


by · August 20, 2014


We are excited to announce today the amazing keynote speakers that we have lined up for our php[world] conference this November. We’ve worked hard to find the best speakers and talks that cover the breadth of the PHP experience. We want php[world] to be a conference that pulls together all the different fragmented communities of […]


Announcing php[world] – A New Conference


by · May 28, 2014


We are excited to bring you a brand new conference in the Washington, DC area.  Having run our php[tek] conference for many years now (and other conferences as well).  We felt it was time to start another one.  But this conference has a different mission behind it.  Our php[tek] conference is known as the definitive […]


Just 6 weeks until php[tek] 2014


by · April 8, 2014


If you were sitting on the fence about buying your tickets to php[tek] 2014 … it’s time to act!  There are only six weeks left until php[tek] starts. So much will be happening that you won’t want to miss.  It’s going to be the biggest PHP experience of the year! 48 Sessions 6 Tutorials 2 […]


$1 Cabin Fever Sale & Book Price Drop!


by · April 3, 2014


All of us here at php[architect] have been cooped up too long – stuck inside dealing with wintery weather that never seems to end – and we’ve gone a little crazy! Therefore, this weekend only (from Friday through Monday inclusive), we are selling all digital back-issues of our magazine for only $1 each!  (Yes, you […]


Mental Health Summit at php[tek] 2014


by · February 12, 2014


Today we are announcing that in conjunction with Engine Yard’s Prompt initiative, and Mental Health Awareness Month, that we will be hosting four speakers to talk about their experiences and insights regarding mental health issues in the web development communities. Read more about this at:  http://tek.phparch.com/mental-health-summit/


Annual Survey 2014


by · February 11, 2014


It’s about that time of year again.  When we want to learn more about you, our customer.  (As well as about people who currently aren’t our customer!).   So if you are seeing this, please help us out by giving us a few minutes of your time, and filling out a survey so that we can […]