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February 2014 php[architect] Magazine Released: Databases

Posted by on February 19, 2014

Before I got into coding I had no concept of what a database was, except that it was a place to store “data.” After reading about “tables” and “relations” I could visualize it better. Later, after working with databases for a few years, I can totally grok it. For years, relational databases were king. Now, it seems that non-relational databases are all the rage. Really, though, it’s like any other tool—you pick the one that suits the situation best.

In February’s issue, we explore the subject of Databases:

  • Part 2 of Damien Seguy’s “Introduction to Neo4j”
  • Benjamin Young’s “SQL to NoSQL Migration”
  • Matthew Setter’s “Education Station: Generate Test Data with Ease Using Faker”

Plus more topics like:

  • Steve Hannah talks about SWeTE (an open source translation proxy) in “I18n by Translation Proxy”
  • In his Laravel Tips column, Dirk Mirkel discusses “Rapid Coding and Prototyping Through Generators”
  • In Aaron Saray’s The Confident Coder column, he discusses “Attention to Detail”
  • Eli White’s finally{} column talks “On Elegance”

This month’s issue has a nice overview of databases, testing, prototyping and code elegance. Dig in!

February 2014 php[architect] 

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