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Three Interesting MySQL 8.0 Features for Developers

by · June 5, 2019


There are many new features in MySQL 8.0, but there are some that may not have caught your eye that are very handy for developers. Some, like invisible indexes, histograms, and true descending indexes are probably a little too deep down the DBA rabbit hole for most PHP Developers; there are three that can immediately […]


We Need a Bigger Boat—Introduction to Scaling, Part Two

by · March 4, 2019


If you have one successful month after another, then scaling becomes something you always have to be aware of. While optimizing your resource usage and scaling your web instances (covered last month) can get you so far, sooner or later you’ll need more. We’ve already discussed how databases are a common bottleneck, so this month […]


MySQL Without The SQL—Oh My!

by · July 13, 2018


Could you be working on a project without a database administrator to set up relational tables, indexes, and schemas? Or are you tired of embedding ugly lines of SQL in your pristine PHP code? There is new hope for you.


February 2014 php[architect] Magazine Released: Databases

by · February 19, 2014


Before I got into coding I had no concept of what a database was, except that it was a place to store “data.” After reading about “tables” and “relations” I could visualize it better. Later, after working with databases for a few years, I can totally grok it. For years, relational databases were king. Now, […]


Full-text Search with SQLite

by · November 12, 2011


Full-text search with SQLite is so ridiculously easy to implement, there are only two valid reasons you haven’t done it yet. The first is you don’t need the full-text capability, and the second is you didn’t know it could be done. Here are the steps in full: Ensure full-text search is enabled (see below) Create […]


The NoSQL Hype Curve is Bending

by · December 29, 2010


The hype of 2010 was clearly NoSQL.


MySQL, PostgreSQL Release Milestones

by · September 20, 2010


MySQL and PostgreSQL make promising new releases.


Zend Db 2.0 Kicks Off

by · June 25, 2010


Ralph Schindler has started the ball rolling on requirements for Zend Db for Zend Framework 2.0.  He announced on the ZF Contributors mailing list:   Requirements have been solicited from both community members in various conversations, as well as looking through the issue tracker for feature requests that have been on the backlog due to […]


PostgreSQL 9.0 beta released

by · May 5, 2010


PostgreSQL has roughly one-quarter of the market share of MySQL, and I’d guess that PHP projects favor MySQL even more. But PostgreSQL deserves some love from the PHP community too. PostgreSQL is open source with a simpler license that’s closer to PHP’s license. As RDBMS technology, PostgreSQL has always been more advanced than MySQL. Don’t you wish MySQL supported check constraints? Sequences? Recursive queries, common table expressions, and window functions?


First beta of Doctrine 2 released

by · April 28, 2010


Doctrine 2’s first beta release is out. We will take a look at how this Orm lets you almost ignore the existence of a database.