Editor’s Desk: PHP 7.4 RFCs, Symfony Speaker Workshop, Call for Writers

March 18, 2019


Editor-in-Chief Oscar Merida records a mini-episode. In this first one, he looks at some RFCs submitted for PHP 7.4 and 8.0, and a new tool for detecting memory leaks with PHP Unit.

Migrating Legacy Web Applications to Laravel

Migrating Legacy Web Applications to Laravel

PHP is reclaiming its rightful place as the go-to language for web application development. For those of us maintaining and developing applications using legacy frameworks, the grass certainly looks greener on Laravel’s side. In this article, I show how to do an in-place migration from a legacy framework to Laravel.

Building Bridges

March 4, 2019

Stylized bridges over a roadway

Do you still need to scale your site? Are you looking to take control of your content? Need to integrate with a third-party application? This issue collects articles on bridging that gap, including database scaling, joining the IndieWeb, and using OAuth securely.

Episode 17 – Out on a Limb

February 26, 2019


LIsten to this episode covering diversity in tech with Jill Binder and Lukas Kawhe Smith, upgrading to PHP 7.3, finding dead code, scaling your web applications, and more.

Community Corner: A New Sponsorship Framework

February 15, 2019


A little over a year ago my team lead looked at my first few months as a Developer Evangelist and decided that since I was already doing work for and with underrepresented developers, we should try making that one of the communities I officially serve.