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Ext4Yii, bridging PHP and JavaScript frameworks together

by · July 15, 2010


Ext4Yii is one of the numerous solution to bring a JavaScript framework into a PHP one with ease.


April 2014 php[architect] Magazine Released – Major Players

by · April 23, 2014


It’s spring, and (here in the U.S.) the Majors are starting up! In sports, we all have our favorites- the ones we love, and the ones we love to hate. In PHP, we have the similar players- Drupal, WordPress, and Yii Framework (to name a few). Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that […]


php[architect] — April 2014

Last modified April 23, 2014


Get this month’s code package: April 2014 Code Package 21 Ways to Make WordPress Fast WordPress is able to boast of powering over half of the sites on the web. That is incredible. To reach such a feat, WordPress had to ensure compatibility. This meant writing *extra* code to check, extend, or even add required […]


php|architect — October 2012

Last modified November 1, 2012


Get this month’s code package: October 2012 Code package Scalable Caching Strategies As web development has advanced and websites have gotten more complex and dynamic, the scalability of your web application has become a key concern. Proper use of caching strategies, such as finding the biggest smallest reusable item, storing in closest to final form, […]


php|architect – March 2006

Last modified December 31, 2010


DB2 / Zend Core for IBM Discover the power of DB2 and Zend Core for IBM. HelmutTessarek, a developer from IBM who actually works on PHP’s nativeDB2 driver, gives an insightful overview of DB2, Zend’s productoffering, and explains how they can improve your data.—by Helmut Tessarek Building Scalable PHP Applications Building a scalable PHP application […]


php|architect – April 2006

Last modified December 31, 2010


Developing a Plugin Architecture for PHP Applications If you want to see your software’s functionality triplebefore your very eyes, it’s a good idea to build support forplugins and extensions into your application. In this article,returning author Titus Barik explains the intricate details ofdesigning an extensible plugin architecture for any PHPapplication.—by Titus Barik Thoughts from an […]


php|architect – March 2009

Last modified December 31, 2010


An Introduction to CodeIgniter CodeIgniter has created an amazing community around it thatincludes a wiki and loads of documentation, libraries and helpersthat can be dropped right into the application. CodeIgniter is alsoone of the fastest major PHP frameworks out there.—by Chris Cornutt Zend Framework Integration Into VCL for PHP VCL for PHP provides a nice […]


php|architect – July 2009

Last modified December 31, 2010


Yii: Flex Your Flash Adding a little Flash to applications is a common approachweb developers take as they strive to meet today’s buzzwordcompliance. Maximizing interoperability and data exchange byleveraging web Services to allow application-to-applicationcommunication has revolutionized the Web business model. It’s hardto imagine the Internet today without the Web service APIs of,among many others, Google, […]


php|architect — December 2010

Last modified December 23, 2010


Get this month’s code package: December 2010 Code package When Worlds Collide: Mixing PHP and the .NET Framework Do you shudder at the mere mention of .NET code? In reality, many businesses have .NET systems and as PHP developers, we need to be aware of how to integrate successfully with these systems. This article examines […]


Announcing the July 2009 issue of php|architect

by · July 21, 2009


This month’s issue will focus on the future of PHP—we cover hot topics that will shape what’s yet to come in our favorite language. We have articles on Unit Testing, Integration, Custom Extensions and the Yii PHP framework.