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I literally took the route to the machine code and back. And I’m really proud of it. Previously a senior backend engineer at and BlaBlaCar , now a security researcher for WDG division @ Microsoft, I’m combining my previous experiences of writing high level, business-oriented projects with low-level stuff to bring best of the both worlds. I wrote highly-performant domain-specific APIs, I wrote debuggers, I hacked software, I hacked hardware—I’m a jack of all trades, and it really works for me.

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Hack your Home with a Raspberry Pi – One Final Slice

By Alexandru Pitis, Ken Marks

Welcome back to the final installment of How to Hack your Home with a Raspberry Pi. At the end of this article, your Raspberry Pi will be able to send you a text message, letting you know that your clothes dryer cycle has finished. You will need to start from the beginning of this series if you want to build this project yourself. by Ken Marks

Published in One Last Slice, May 2022

A Journey Through PHP Internals

By Alexandru Pitis

In everyday work, it’s easy to forget just how many things are happening under the hood, how many concepts are abstracted away to make our code run and make it run efficiently. It wasn’t always the case—at first, there were languages we now call “assembly languages”—designed to faithfully represent what the CPU will execute, and one had to write these crude lines of machine instructions to make computers execute anything at all. Eventually, new languages emerged which abstracted away a lot of concepts and allowed programmers to focus on the code rather than on the machine for the most part. Among these languages were C and C++, which to this day underlie many other more abstracted languages like PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, and many others.

Published in Internal Journeys – October 2018, October 2018