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One Last Slice

May 2022

I thank my lucky stars that I am not a superstitious person, knock on wood, and I really don’t want to jinx it, but we have a good problem. We have so many great feature articles in the pipeline, and I think it’s important to let everyone know what an awesome job the PHP community has been doing at contributing wonderful content. We even have contributors messaging us asking, “Was there something wrong with my article?” The answer is always the same, “No, I am really excited to publish it; I just need to find the room.” We’ve even had to bump articles during the layout process because we ran out of room. This is an example of a good problem to have.

Learning How to Learn

By Joel Clermont

Software developers are, by necessity, lifelong learners. We are constantly facing new challenges, new technologies, new methods of solving problems. But how can we make our learning more efficient? How can we better retain and apply the new things we learn? by Joel Clermont

Hack your Home with a Raspberry Pi – One Final Slice

By Alexandru Pitis, Ken Marks

Welcome back to the final installment of How to Hack your Home with a Raspberry Pi. At the end of this article, your Raspberry Pi will be able to send you a text message, letting you know that your clothes dryer cycle has finished. You will need to start from the beginning of this series if you want to build this project yourself. by Ken Marks

PHP Puzzles: Controlled Randomness

By Oscar Merida

PHP Puzzles: Controlled Randomness

Education Station: Continuous Code

By Chris Tankersley

One of the greatest accomplishments of the web was the ability to quickly deliver software to users. While you can still technically go to the store and purchase software on a solidified blob of plastic that can be read by lasers, the world has moved on to digital delivery of almost everything. Music, movies, software, and even television is delivered over the internet. by Chris Tankersley

DDD Alley: Get Organized and Get Started

By Edward Barnard

This month we begin the preliminary “spadework” to set up our project. We’ll be taking a hands-on “code first” approach to implementing Strategic Domain-Driven Design. by Edward Barnard

Security Corner: Classifying Ransomware

By Eric Mann

One of the terrifying new developments in technology is the high prevalence of ransomware—criminals using software to hold your data or information systems hostage. by Eric Mann

Laravel: Pest Control

By Marian Pop

PEST is a PHP testing framework built on top of PHPUnit that offers a functional approach to writing tests, eliminating as much boilerplate as possible and focusing on the tests themselves. It was created by Nuno Maduro (Laravel Core Team member) in 2020, and since then, it has had 1.6M downloads. by Marian Pop

PSR Pickup: Psr-3 Logger Interface

By Frank Wallen

Now that we have introduced the Autoloader (March Issue) and style guide PSRs (March and April), we’re going to look at PSR-3, the Logger Interface. We’ll continue along the path of recommendations for code structure and see recommendations for expectations and behaviors. by Frank Wallen

finally{}: Survival of the Fiendish

By Beth Tucker Long

In ages past, the claim has been that the “fittest” survive. Nowadays, the fittest appear to fall by the wayside, crowded out by those fiendishly over-promising, under-delivering, and making it unbearably difficult to escape. by Beth Tucker Long

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