Andrew Woods

Senior PHP/Laravel/WordPress Web Developer in Queens, NY; plays guitar for fun, rocks karaoke. Learning Spanish and ASL. Former Organizer of @SeaPHP

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Universal Vim Part One—No Plugins Required

By Andrew Woods

Vim is a powerful editor with a long history. It’s the most popular of the descendants of Vi. Over the last couple of years, a fork of Vim was born called Neovim. This article will provide you with a Vim configuration file that can be used across both Vim and Neovim. by Andrew Woods

Published in PHP Blueprint, August 2022

Power Up with Git

By Andrew Woods

Git is an essential tool for the modern software developer. You learn how to customize Git to enhance your developer experience. You’ll also learn some combinations of commands to make you more effective with Git

Published in PHP 8 Bits and Git, December 2020