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Making Code

September 2022

Summer time is coming to an end and school’s back in session. Let the learning begin, not just for the kiddos, but for the developers in our community as well. We are going to take a deep dive into learning a wide range of topics including Abstract Syntax Trees, Vim, Design Patterns for building code, Domain-Drive Design, Caching, DevOps, and so much more.

Real World AST

By Tomas Votruba

AST is a technology that changed my life and the way I view code. I want to share this way of seeing code so that you can deal with your “impossible problems” in a fancy and lazy way. by Tomas Votruba

Universal Vim Part Two: Fuzzy Search Fun

By Andrew Woods

We continue our quest to craft a universal vim experience by enhancing your ability to search your content using FZF, a performant fuzzy finder. by Andrew Woods

PHP Puzzles: Fractional Math

By Oscar Merida

We’ve seen how working with floating-point values can be problematic. What if we had a class that worked with fractions directly by tracking the numerator and denominator as integers? Let’s see if it’s possible. by Oscar Merida

Education Station: Building Code

By Chris Tankersley

Patterns help us to put objects together. Two popular ways to instantiate new objects are via the Factory and the Builder patterns. Let’s take a closer look at the impact these patterns have on our code. by Chris Tankersley

The Workshop: Making Things Happen

By Joe Ferguson

This month we’re straying slightly from our usual PHP tooling to cover Make and how we can leverage it to simplify our lives as developers. by Joe Ferguson

DDD Alley: Domain Event Walkthrough

By Edward Barnard

The July 2022 article “Structure by Use Case” introduced the Bounded Context pattern, which we’ll be using over and over as we structure our software by use case. This month we’ll continue exploring these concepts as we implement the global Domain Event store. by Edward Barnard

Security Corner: Surviving Cybersecurity

By Eric Mann

Engineers don’t often last as long in a cybersecurity focus as they do in other disciplines. If this is your path, you should understand why and how to beat the odds. by Eric Mann

PSR Pickup: PSR-6 Caching Interface

By Frank Wallen

Caching is very important, as we know, let’s take a look at some of the issues that can be associated with caching and practices to help better optimize performance. by Frank Wallen

Drupal Dab: Drupal 9 and Varnish

By Nicola Pignatelli

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the interaction between Drupal and Varnish, one of the most popular Cache Servers. by Nicola Pignatelli

finally{}: Everyone’s Eyes and Ears

By Beth Tucker Long

If we want our projects to reach a multitude of people, we need to realize what a multitude of people need from what we build. by Beth Tucker Long

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