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David Wolfpaw is a professional web developer focused on WordPress theme and plugin development. He emphasizes helping small businesses, providing ongoing support, and educating users through his service FixUpFox. He helps organize both WordPress Orlando and WordCamp Orlando.

twitter: @davidwolfpaw


WordPress and the IndieWeb—Why You Should Own Your Voice

By David Wolfpaw

Creating content online has gotten exponentially simpler with new tools which allow more people to put their voice online. Sharing that content with others has likewise gotten uncomplicated with the advent of social networks. However, that ease has come with the price of loss of control over that content. If you want to regain some control, tools and techniques exist to help. We’re going to look at the IndieWeb, it’s philosophy, and some ways to make your websites IndieWeb friendly, giving you the ability to create and post content, but also to share it and let others interact with it on your terms, not those of a corporate social media giant.

Published in Building Bridges, March 2019