JD Lien

JD Lien is a freelance full-stack web developer and author who has been building websites since 1999 in PHP, ColdFusion, and JavaScript backed by SQL Server and MySQL databases. JD has a degree in Computing and Information Systems from Athabasca University and lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He spent over a decade as a senior web developer in municipal government, building applications for staff and spearheading the conversion of a large intranet application platform to Laravel. His latest personal project involves the creation of a system for viewing municipal transit schedules.

twitter: @jdlien


Understanding PHP Attributes

By JD Lien

A lesser-discussed feature added in PHP 8 was attributes. Attributes are metadata that can be applied to classes, methods, properties, parameters, and constants to add information to your code in a structured, type-safe way. by JD Lien

Published in AI Llamas, June 2024