Tim Lytle

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Tim likes making things, is a lover of well built APIs, and hates the top reply. A former mercenary developer, he’s built numerous applications specializing in API consumption and creation. Now he’s working on new products at PhoneBurner. He also tweets sporadically.

twitter: @tjlytle


API Handler

By Tim Lytle

by Tim Lytle

Published in Deep Diving PHP Security, April 2024

HTTP Tortilla

By Tim Lytle

The PSR-7 interfaces for request and response messages are remarkably
valuable. They establish a well defined interface for working with HTTP
requests and responses. They introduce a reasonable amount of
immutability (streams be streams, after all). Together, both lead to
ease when testing and provide confidence and simplicity when integrating
with existing libraries that wrangle, manipulate, and extract
information from the HTTP life-cycle. by Tim Lytle

Published in HTTP Burritos, May 2023

PHP Daemons and Long-Running Processes

By Tim Lytle

Have you ever had a cron job filled with *? Had a database field called checked_out you used to make sure one process didn’t try to do the work another process was trying to do but hadn’t finished yet? Logged into a server late at night to restart the report job? Let’s talk about a better way to do these things.

Published in Long Running PHP, March 2018