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Deep Diving PHP Security

April 2024

Bad news first, php[tek] 2024 is over. Good news, you don’t have to listen to us talk about php[tek] 2024 as much anymore. php[tek] 2025, however, is just around the corner, and there is no time like the present to put the bug in your supervisor’s ear about attending.

Go vs Rust: A Guide for PHP Developers

By Matt Lantz

Programming languages are evolving fast, and developers need to keep up with reason. I have heard about many colleagues wanting to explore new languages, and the two most popular were Rust and Golang. The two popular programming languages, Golang and Rust, have risen to prominence beyond the PHP community. These two highly sought-after languages have some comparable features and functionality. Hopefully, I can help some PHP developers make an informed choice on which language to learn next. by Matt Lantz

Dependency Injection with PHP-DI

By Oscar Merida

Any codebase can quickly devolve into a tangled mess of function calls and copy-pasted snippets, which is difficult to adapt without some upfront discipline and tools that support some consistent organization. If we want our programs to be reusable, concise, and testable without hassle, then we should use dependency injection as a guiding principle to write loosely coupled components. Each piece can focus on doing one thing well while ignoring implementation details that aren’t concerned with it. We can also swap dependencies to control how code behaves in different environments. by Oscar Merida

Making the Difficult Choice

By Edward Barnard

> “How we got here” can be an interesting and difficult question. Once again, I’m using Minnesota’s “Miss Mitchell” as an example. We’ll trace the link from aviation pioneer Glenn L. Martin to North American Aviation’s B-25 Mitchell aircraft. > > We’ll be observing human nature by focusing on a specific person, Glenn Martin. We’ll see difficult choices made, for better or for worse. by Edward Barnard

The Changing Face of Networking

By Beth Tucker Long

by Beth Tucker Long

Security and Side Channels

By Eric Mann

Any modern film involving hacking will usually feature a scene of attackers breaking into a machine, system, or service in some glorious fashion. They race against a clock featuring animated characters to crack a password. CGI electrons race down a wire to illustrate malware compromising a system. An operative dives out of an overhead vent to insert a device into the mainframe. by Eric Mann

Getting GAAD Ready

By Maxwell Ivey

by Maxwell Ivey

Definitely Not My First php[tek]

By Beth Tucker Long

by Beth Tucker Long

API Handler

By Tim Lytle

by Tim Lytle

My First php[tek]

By Drew Halverston

by Drew Halverston

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