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Vagrant with GUIs and Windows

by · January 29, 2015


Last week, I had the pleasure to present at the Drupal NoVA meetup group about using Vagrant to automate setting up development environments for your projects. Using a VM has been the single biggest change to my workflow in recent years, no matter what CMS or framework I’m using on it. You can view the […]


Internet Explorer 9: Where Does It Stand?

by · March 30, 2011


On Monday March 14,2011 Internet Explorer 9 was released. A lot of people have been hoping that IE 9 would be better than the previous versions, and interestingly there are some people still rooting for IE 6 to stay alive. As developers we have to recognize that, whether we like it or not,IE exists. Does IE 9 live up to the hype? Does it make sense for us to use?


2011 php|tek Webcast Series

by · January 26, 2011


Once again, we bring you the php|tek Webcast Series. For the past few conferences, we’ve put together a sampling of interesting sessions, hot projects, and sharp people from around the community to talk on topics that have piqued their interest.


PHPDOCX: generating Word documents from PHP

by · July 21, 2010


PHPDOCX is a PHP library that allows its client code to generate Microsoft Word documents in the .docx format from PHP scripts, or to output PDF and HTML from a given Word document.


Bing Powered 404 for non-WordPress websites

by · June 17, 2010


Ok, after my last post on using the Bing Search Wrapper for handing 404 errors in WordPress I had several people tell me that while they liked the idea, they didn’t want to install WordPress just so they can have intelligent 404 errors. Several other people pinged me and suggested a way that you could […]


WordPress 404 Plugin built on Bing Wrapper

by · June 4, 2010


One of the things I’ve always hated about WordPress is the stock 404 error message. Out of the box, WordPress just tells users “I’m sorry, I can’t find what you are looking for.” Granted it is better than the stock Apache 404 page but it isn’t much more helpful. This post talks about a new WordPress plugin that utilizes the Bing Search Wrapper to display a more helpful 404 page.


Webcast: Making PHP faster on IIS

by · May 14, 2010


In this session Mark Brown and Ruslan Yakushev will talk about the work being done at Microsoft to increase the performance of PHP applications on Windows and IIS.


FTW! Contest Deadline is May 17th

by · May 13, 2010


The FTW! Competition (Canadian PHP on Windows Contest) deadline is May 17th 8am. If you have a PHP application running on Windows and IIS, submit your app to this competition today.


Meet Josh Holmes

by · April 30, 2010


If you don’t know Josh Holmes, come to TEK·X and meet him. Officially is a UX Architect Evangelist for Microsoft. Unofficially though, he is the Microsoft Ambassador to the PHP community. More than a few community members can credit Josh for helping them with problems or just finding answers and contacts within Microsoft.


New SQL Server driver released

by · April 26, 2010


Microsoft recently announced their new PDO driver for SQL Server. The goal is to make it easier for developers to support multiple databases with their applications and to make it easier for popular PHP applications to offer a SQL server option.