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Testing The Core

by · April 8, 2022


This month, John and Eric introduce the new Drupal Dab column by Nicola Pignatelli which will be focused on the Drupal CMS system. They also discuss the How to Hack you Home with a Raspberry Pi series is going. Chris Tankersley takes us down the path of licenses with some thoughts on choosing one for […]


Education Station: Which License to Choose?

by · March 31, 2022


Licensing for software, whether it is open source or not, is an integral part of releasing software. The commercialization of software has made it necessary for developers to be explicit in how users or other developers consume their software. Unfortunately, the topic of licensing is not as straightforward as many developers would like it to […]


How We Build Sulu CMS: 10 Tips for Creating an Excellent Developer Experience

by · February 4, 2020


“Yet another CMS? Are you crazy?” Back when we started Sulu, in 2013, the CMS market was crowded. We could have skipped building our own CMS in favor of using one of the others, but something was missing for us—a system with a great DX (Developer Experience). I want to share with you some of […]


You Can Do Open Source

by · December 4, 2019


Have you ever contemplated whether it’s necessary to contribute to open source? Ever been at a point where you think open source is too complicated to delve into? Have you ruled out open source because you believe it’s a community where people come to massage their ego? In this article, we’ll be looking into how […]


Community Corner: Contributing is More Than Coding

by · July 2, 2018


I recently returned from another fantastic edition of the Dutch PHP Conference in the Netherlands, where I spoke to many people about open source software. In fact, every year they host a “Code Night” which encourages open source contributions, and they’re not the only conference to do this. If you’ve followed my column, you’ll already […]


Self-Host Your Team’s Git With Gitolite

by · June 6, 2018


If you wish to set up a private Git server for your personal, work, or team projects, but favor free software and simple architecture, or don’t want a service hosted by a third party, then Gitolite is the solution for you.


finally{}: Open Source & Commercial Entities

by ·


In a way, that title is misleading, because, in the end, this article is going to be primarily about the Microsoft acquisition of GitHub. However, it’s a great time to use that as a discussion point of the merits of the various methods of providing software, and how companies choose to get involved with open […]


Community Corner: My Picks From Packagist

by · May 1, 2018


Most people are aware of how the Composer revolution came about, and the goal of getting everyone to play nicely together. For the most part, it seems to have worked, and more and more developers are coming on board with avoiding “Not Invented Here” and embracing the more than 1.2 million versions of packages available […]


Community Corner: Thank You, OSS Maintainers

by · January 4, 2018


Open source software is the foundation upon which the web is built. Linux, Apache, NGINX, PHP, and all the libraries, many of the databases, and much of the software we use: it’s all open source software. What does that mean for us?


Open source life style

by · June 23, 2010


Participation in the open source community and projects can really give a boost to your career.